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drawing, painting and sculpture as a material interrogation of the body.

human and non-human forms dismembered, disorganised, bastardised and re-presented as insatiably desiring and viscerally maniacal being-machines.

driven by an interest in the potency of visceral expericaence, the practice exists as an intimate examination of the emergence of subjectivity brought about by transfigurative encounters with other forms and forces. 

becoming increasingly curious about how the rhythm of flesh and the rhythm of contemporary (digitised) life are at odds, and how sensual disharmony manifests itself in, on and through bodies, the results of the practice are surreal bodily forms that seek to offer a sense of the strangeness of our current aesthetics, the ineffability of visceral experience and the limitless possibilities of the body as a site of violently joyful actualisation.




born in Leeds, 1979.

2007 - decides to become an artist.

2011 - graduates from York St John University with a first class BA(hons) in Contemporary Fine Art Practice, awarded the York St John Faculty of Arts Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the According to Mcgee Prize for Outstanding Visual Work...moves to Scotland.

2013 - graduates from Edinburgh College of Art with an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice.

currently lives and works in Edinburgh.



- Residency at The Steeple, Fife (Wasps Residency Award - awarded via Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition 2017 )

- Artist Residency @ Sixfoot Gallery, Glasgow.

solo shows


- Tropicana Pony  | Sixfoot Gallery, Glasgow.

group shows


Fully Awake 5:6 | Freelands Foundation, London.


- Bonkers Contemporary | The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh.

- RSA Open Exhibition | Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.


- Visceral Absurdities | Kirsty Boutle and Eilidh Mcpherson. Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh.


- Salontology | The Embassy, Edinburgh.


- Oracle | Interview Room Eleven, Edinburgh.


- Leave The Capital | The Fleming Collection, London.


- Marble Download | The Embassy, Edinburgh.

- Art Trier-Kunst York | Bar Lane Gallery, York.

- Art Trier-Kunst York | Kunstverein Trier Junge Kunst, Trier, Germany.

- Salon Neu | The Embassy, Edinburgh.


- Create 11 | York St John University, York.

- York St John Past and Present | According to Mcgee, York.


- Strife | East Street Arts, Leeds.

- 53 Degrees North | The New School House Gallery, York.

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